Google Marketing Platform Partners launched with certified individuals & companies plus sales partners

Google launched this week the Google Marketing Platform Partners, a website where advertisers can find more than 500 companies, including leading interactive agencies, system integrators, and top technology, data and media companies. Google says advertisers will be able to find a partner to support multiple facets of the business.

DoubleClick Digital Marketing together is being merged with Google Analytics 360 Suite into a single solution called Google Marketing Platform. And is already this month that the merge will happen.

On Google Marketing Platform Partners, advertisers will be able to find certified individual, certified companies and sales partners.

  • Certified Individuals: To help increase the talent pool available supporting the Google Marketing Platform, individuals will be able to access a growing library of self-study materials and complete individual product certifications. Successful completion signals an individual’s expertise with specific Google Marketing Platform products.
  • Certified Companies: Certified Companies provide consulting, training, implementation, operations and technical support services for Google Marketing Platform. These companies not only have individuals certified in one or more products, but they have a high level of knowledge, practical and industry experience, as well as stellar customer references. These strict requirements ensure they have both the expertise and a proven ability to deliver results.
  • Sales Partners: Sales Partners are Google Marketing Platform experts, just like Certified Companies, but partner more closely with Google in providing consulting and support services, in addition to selling the technology on our behalf.