Google releases beta of the Mediation Test Suite for app publishers

Google this month released a beta of the Mediation Test Suite. Mediation Test Suite is a lightweight SDK that enables Google AdMob publishers to easily test mediation ad network integrations without having to make changes in the AdMob UI. It’s available on Android, iOS, and Unity.

With Mediation Test Suite, app publishers can:

  • View a full list of mediation ad source configurations for the app;
  • Automatically check your project for missing SDKs, adapters, and manifest changes required by partner ad sources;
  • Load a banner, interstitial, rewarded, or native ad for any ad source using a certified Google Mobile Ads SDK implementation;
  • Batch test multiple ad sources for the same ad unit;
  • Test both open source mediation adapters and custom event adapters.

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Daniel Rijo

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