Google responsive search ads will be available to more advertisers in September

Google last week announced the release of responsive search ads to more advertisers. The advertisers that will see the new responsive search ads do ads in English, French, German, and Spanish. Google says that other languages to follow soon.

Responsive search ads, announced in July, use machine learning to help advertisers to deliver the best ad for any search query. Google in July said that on average, advertisers who use Google’s machine learning to test multiple creative see up to 15 percent more clicks.

According to Google, starting in late August, advertisers will be able to add a third headline and second description on text ads. Besides, the descriptions can have up to 90 characters.

Google recommends adding a third headline and a second description to the existing text ads. An example is using two headlines that show the brand name and official site, and a third headline showing shipping details or special offers.

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