Horizon Media now using the Digital Content Ratings data from Nielsen

Horizon Media is now using the Digital Content Ratings data from Nielsen. Horizon Media uses Digital Content Ratings data as part of the proprietary media planning and activation tool, Cadence.

Nielsen says that with this agreement, Horizon clients will have access to an independent view of how audiences engage with content across devices and optimize their brand messages to connect with consumers.

For several years, Horizon Media has integrated Nielsen data through Nielsen’s Total Media Fusion into its Cadence tool, including Nielsen’s National Ratings service to measure linear television viewership; and Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, which provides persons-based measurement of audiences for advertising campaigns across digital devices including computers, smartphones and tablets.

Using Nielsen’s persons-based measurement products, Horizon provides brand advertisers across categories with the data-driven insights.

“As audiences continue to increase and evolve their engagement with digital content, understanding their behavior has never been more pivotal to forming brand connections and monetizing content. We’re excited to see Horizon adopting Digital Content Ratings as part of their solutions for advertisers and using it to help inform and optimize media strategy.”

Ravi Rai, VP of Product Leadership