OpenX now has rewarded app video in programmatic covering more verticals besides games

OpenX this month announced the launch of a new opt-in (rewarded) mobile app video exchange. OpenX says that initial tests with more than 100 premium mobile partners from sports, dating, music and photo segments shatter perceptions that opt-in video is for gaming only. Publishers got CPM Increases of 250 percent. Completion rates were also 30 percentage points higher, showcasing the ability of opt-in video to engage consumers.

While opt-in, or rewarded, video started in the world of mobile gaming, both with supply and demand, the OpenX Exchange launched partners coming from nearly every market vertical including photography, social networking, music, dating and home design. Performance for both publishers and advertisers in the alpha was consistent across all categories, showing the potential for every participant in the mobile advertising ecosystem to leverage the opt-in video ad format.

“The OpenX opt-in video exchange delivers a rare win-win-win for the market providing advertisers with 100% viewable advertising experiences, app developers with significant and growing revenue streams, and consumers with an advertising solution that delivers value for their time and attention,” said Maggie Mesa,VP of Mobile Business Development at OpenX.

“To date, there have not been good options for opt-in video to be bought programmatically, due to issues around quality, lack of scale, or missing technological infrastructure,” said Mesa. “We’re changing that at OpenX, and with our laser focus on quality, we’ve built the only programmatic video exchange that truly works for all players in the mobile ecosystem.”