Adobe expands the integration between Adobe Analytics and Paid Search

Adobe this month announced the integration between Adobe Analytics Cloud and Adobe Advertising Cloud with Advertising Analytics for Paid Search. The metrics impressions, clicks, cost, average position, quality score from search are now visible directly on Adobe Analytics. This will give advertisers an holistic view of search performance that ultimately influences strategy, said Nate Smith, Group Manager (Product Marketing) at Adobe.

According Adobe, the integration is a “first-of-its-kind way for organisations to understand the efficiency of their search advertising investment by combining offsite advertising intent in context with relevant digital property engagement data within Adobe Analytics.”

Google AdWords, Yahoo! Gemini and Bing Ads are integrated on Adobe Analytics, and brands can get as high-level, or granular as needed with drag-and-drop analysis, leveraging new reports and workspaces for advertising dimensions such as accounts, campaigns, groups, ads, keywords and match types which can all be combined with post-click activity.