Sistema Globo de Rádio (SGR) joins Triton Digital

Sistema Globo de Radio (SGR) has selected Triton Digital to monetize its streaming audio and podcast content, Triton Digital announced this week.

Sistema Globo de Rádio (SGR) is headquartered in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is owned by Grupo Globo, the largest mass media group of Latin America and Brazil. SGR operates 3 radio stations: CBN, Rádio Globo, and BH.

“We are proud to work with Triton Digital and to leverage their powerful technology to monetize our streaming audio content. As global experts in the streaming audio space, we are confident in Triton’s ability to support our podcast monetization strategies.”

Renata Gorini, Digital Development Manager at SGR
Rádio Globo Radios

Audio ads from programmatic available worldwide

Triton Digital says that through this partnership, SGR will leverage the Triton Advertising Platform, Tap, to monetize their popular news, music and podcast content which reaches a combined audience of six million listeners per month. To support their monetization goals, SGR will also make their online audio inventory available in Triton’s global programmatic marketplace, a2x®, which will enable media buyers across LATAM and other parts of the world to reach their engaged listening audience through non-skippable, at-scale buys for the first time.

“We are pleased to provide Sistema Globo de Radio with the technology they need to streamline their streaming audio advertising operations, and to obtain the most value from their online audience.”

Benjamin Masse, Managing Director, Market Development & Strategy at Triton Digital

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