Sovrn launches OneTag to simplify implementations and reporting

Sovrn this month announced the release of OneTag, a unified mechanism to simplify the installation, management, and reporting of multiple products and functionality on publisher sites. Sovrn has now more than 180 publishers using OneTag.

According to Sovrn, publishers adopting OneTag will immediately get access to three of Sovrn’s core products with a single line of code: VET Reload (Viewable Engagement Time); Header Complete, Sovrn’s full-service header bidding wrapper; and Sovrn Consent Management, (CMP for GDPR compliance). These and other products are now available via OneTag. Sovrn says that publishers need only implement a single line of code on their page.

“For any publisher, installing additional code on page is the single most common barrier to testing and integrating new products,” says Owen McGrath, Senior Product Manager at Sovrn. “The technical due diligence, integration, and troubleshooting work always places a heavy burden on publisher engineering teams. OneTag solves this problem, enabling publishers to easily test, tune, and deploy new products quickly and easily.”

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