OpenX launches video header bidding via

OpenX this month announced the general availability of the company’s video header bidding solution built for Prebid technology. OpenX says this announcement marks a significant milestone in the company’s strategy of providing publishers with multiple options to monetize their video inventory in a fully open and high-quality marketplace.
OpenX is using the open-source and is promising a simple setup. For publishers already working with Prebid, this will allow them to have access to the OpenX marketplace. According to OpenX, initial beta partners for Prebid video with OpenX have seen an average revenue increase of 55 percent, and certain partners have seen the OpenX solution provide CPMs that are over 35 percent higher than competitors.
“We are delighted to have OpenX join the board,” said Michael Richardson, Chairman of “As an independent industry organization, we welcome OpenX’s experience and collaboration on key areas of focus for Prebid, in our ongoing commitment to providing high quality and transparent tools for publishers.”
OpenX had two consecutive quarters of triple digit growth in video, with revenue increasing on average by 17 percent every month. As of Q2 2018, the OpenX video business grew by more than 660 percent year-over-year in revenue. The total number of publishers leveraging OpenX for video has also increased by 88 percent.
“At OpenX we pride ourselves on providing an open and well lit environment for publishers and advertisers, and our approach as a business aligns with the foundation that Prebid was built on,” said Roy Firestone, senior director of video product at OpenX. “As the original innovators of header bidding, and a global leader in video solutions, we’re excited to deepen our relationship with Prebid, and work to make sure that the focus of the organization continues to meet the needs of publishers.”