Travel campaigns for summer are ramping up now and Taboola shared creative and targeting insights

Taboola, the native and outstream ad network is helping travel advertisers to have better results and shared some insights are creative (video and native) and targeting level.

“Consumers will be on the hunt for travel deals in the coming months and are waiting to be inspired by beautiful pictures, heartfelt stories, and captivating videos,” wrote Rachel Zalta and Gal Salomon, at Taboola.

Here the recommendations for travel advertisers

On a creative level, images with animals drive a 237% increase in CTR for travel. And Taboola advises “stay away from images with food, as food drives a 33% decrease in CTR.”

On targeting focus on keywords like, ‘Travel’, ‘People’ and ‘Free’ to get people excited about their vacations, and mention different countries like ‘Europe’ and ‘Australia’ for inspiration. Taboola advises that advertisers try phrases like ‘Things You Should’ & ‘This Is Why’ for the best performance.

On an outstream video campaign, Taboola recommends advertisers to choose a video with people doing one of the following actions: rock climbing, surfing, shouting, getting married, weight training, or dancing which have been found to increase viewability rates by 127%. In the video, the persons should have emotional facial expressions, as these drive 37% higher viewability ratings.