Webinar about Featured Snippets

On July 26th, at 2PM EST; next wednesday, Search Engine Journal (SEJ) is promoting a free webinar about Featured Snippets. The webinar will be presented by Zak Ramdani, the Great SEO Owl at Hootsuite, together with Loren Baker, founder of Search Engine Journal.

The main topics are How to identify, evaluate, and optimize for Featured Snippets; the pros and cons of Featured Snippets; and the evolution of SERP and its growing importance in the world of SEO.

According to the subscribe page of the webinar, Zak will aso present “how Hootsuite broke their organic traffic metrics for seven consecutive months, doubled their blog traffic using on-page techniques to cater to Google’s answer box, and deployed an SEO mindset throughout all communication channels within Hootsuite.”

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