Ad-supported streaming continues to gain momentum in Indonesia

Ad-supported streaming continues to gain momentum in Indonesia

Magnite (NASDAQ: MGNI) this month released its latest research study titled “Streaming TV’s New Era: Embracing Ad-supported Streaming Across Screens in Indonesia.”

The findings underscore the rising popularity of ad-supported streaming in Indonesia, revealing that 69% of TV viewers in the country engage in ad-supported streaming.

  • 69% of TV viewers in Indonesia watch ad-supported streaming
  • Streamers in Indonesia spend an average of two hours a day watching streaming content
  • Ad-supported streamers are more likely to make a purchase from a brand they engaged with across multiple devices

Key Findings

  • Streaming services are essential in Indonesian households and 86% of ad-supported streamers consider streaming to be a must-have.
  • Ad-supported streamers are comfortable providing information about themselves if it results in a more relevant ad experience.
  • Streaming is capturing the attention of viewers more than social media.

Implications for Brands

  • Brands should look to ad-supported streaming as a channel to drive impact among a highly engaged audience.
  • Brands should leverage ad-supported streaming to diversify their marketing strategies and broaden their audience reach.
  • Brands should create high-quality, relevant ads that will capture the attention of ad-supported streamers.

The study further delves into the viewing habits of Indonesian streamers, indicating that they spend an average of two hours per day consuming streaming content across various devices. Although smartphones are the primary device for TV content consumption, 61% of ad-supported viewers prefer watching on smart TVs, either always or most of the time during a typical week. Remarkably, this cross-device engagement leads to meaningful connections, as 97% of ad-supported streamers express an increased likelihood to make a purchase from a brand they engage with across multiple devices.

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