AdHive the first Blockchain-Based Advertising is being launched today

AdHive is launching in alpha today. Bloggers can already test the core functionality such as registration, confirming channels, and browsing available tasks.

AdHive, based in Estonia, presents itself as “the first blockchain-based native advertising platform that helps businesses scale their influencer marketing with AI and community approach.”

AdHive is a platform for automated mass placement of native advertising on influencer channels with payments based on Ethereum smart contracts. The platform enables advertisers to launch massive native ad campaigns on an unlimited number of channels quickly and efficiently, without spending time on looking for the right bloggers or price-shopping. The platform will let bloggers with any number of subscribers worldwide to register on AdHive and create monetized media content.

The alpha version gives a first try to the platform’s core functionality:

  • Bloggers can register using their email or social media login details, browse available tasks, add and confirm their YouTube or Instagram channels.
  • Influencers can also try the first task – AdHive platform promotion. They can earn tokens for registering on the platform, placing referral links to their content to gain new users, bringing in new investors, and for engaging other influencers to join AdHive.

“We give community members an opportunity to try the first platform combining blockchain and AI technologies for advertising ahead of ADH token sale scheduled for next year. In the next releases, we are planning to add new campaign and task creation functions for advertisers, monitoring functions for all photos and videos,” says Dmitry Malyanov, co-founder at AdHive.

Dmitry Malyanov is the CEO Co-founder, Webvane, CEO of Data management service, and has more than 10 years in sales and business development. Dmitry is the architect behind the business model and is responsible for setting direction for the company’s products. Professional in AI technologies.