AdSense updates Privacy Messaging for US State regulations

Google today announced updates to the AdSense platform regarding privacy messaging for compliance with US state regulations.

Do Not Sell or Share message
Do Not Sell or Share message

Google today announced updates to the AdSense platform regarding privacy messaging for compliance with US state regulations. These updates aim to provide website owners with tools to ensure they adhere to evolving privacy laws in specific US states.

Several US states have enacted privacy laws granting consumers more control over their personal information. These laws require website owners to obtain user consent for data collection and use practices.

The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) was a landmark piece of legislation, and the recently implemented California Privacy Rights Act (CPRA) expands upon CCPA provisions. Other states with relevant privacy laws include Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut, and Utah.

AdSense now offers US state regulations messages to help website owners comply with these privacy laws. These messages inform users about their rights and allow them to opt-out of the "sale or sharing" of their personal information, as defined by the specific regulations.

Key Updates and Features

Support for Additional States: AdSense now offers user messages for compliance with privacy laws in California, Virginia, Colorado, Connecticut, and Utah.

Automatic CPRA Text Update: For websites previously using CCPA messaging, AdSense has automatically updated the text to reflect CPRA requirements.

Manual Activation Required: Website owners need to manually activate the new state-specific messages within the AdSense user interface.

Targeting and Customization: AdSense allows website owners to select which geographic regions see the messages and customize the message content to match their editorial style.

Data Processing Options: Website owners can choose to restrict data processing for users in applicable states, limiting ad personalization. They can also select which ad partners can serve ads to these users.

These updates empower website owners to comply with US state privacy regulations and maintain user trust. By providing clear and transparent information about data practices, website owners can mitigate legal risks and ensure a positive user experience.

AdSense consent management solutions
AdSense consent management solutions

The success of these updates hinges on website owner adoption and continued industry collaboration. As privacy regulations continue to develop, Google and other ad platforms will likely introduce further tools and resources to support compliance efforts.

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