adsquare launches age and gender segments for app in the UK, France, US, Germany and Italy

This month, adsquare launched a validated demographics solution, available in the UK, France, Germany, US and Italy, with more than 325 million validated audience profiles in those markets. According to adsquare, adsquare demographics are based predominantly on first-party data from app publishers.

“Our Validated Demographics offering is the answer to the lack of quality data for age and gender segments on mobile” says Tom Laband, CEO and Co-Founder at adsquare. “Our approach to aggregate first-party data from app publishers and combine it with validated third-party data from our exchange is a true innovation and enables precise targeting at scale. It heralds the start of a new age of audience targeting.”

How adsquare works with app publishers?

Validated Demographics is part of the adsquare Data Alliance (ADA), adsquare’s solution that aggregates validated data at scale in cooperation with major app publishers. adsquare created its own truth set based on 1st party data, which is used to validate third-party data from its exchange and increase the reach of its segments.