Amobee integrates LiveRamp’s IdentityLink

Amobee this month announced that is integrating LiveRamp’s IdentityLink. The integration will expand Amobee’s identity solution, and enhance Amobee’s Audience Segment Builder.

According to Amobee, advertisers are now able to reach addressable audiences at scale and effectively measure ROI utilizing Amobee’s advertising platform.

Amobee says LiveRamp’s people-based identity graph is the largest omnichannel graph on the open internet.

“It’s essential for advertisers to connect directly with consumers, not cookies, and develop one-to-one relationships across screens to deliver impactful messaging that resonates,” says Bryan Everett, Senior Vice President of Business Development at Amobee. “Amobee’s ability to utilize IdentityLink as part of Amobee’s overall identity solution will help advertisers in all verticals solve for frequency capping, targeting and attribution with meaningful, anonymized people-based marketing that ensures transparency, independent measurement, and reporting.”

This year, Amobee was declared leader, by Forrester, on cross-channel video advertising platforms.

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