Amobee integrates Nielsen-generated demographics across connected TV, linear TV, mobile and desktop

Amobee today announced a new integration with Nielsen-generated demographics. For the first time, Nielsen-validated demographics (national TV panel) will be expanded across Gracenote’s smart TV viewing and ad exposure data (ACR technology), inclusive of connected TV viewing.

According to Amobee, Nielsen is utilizing machine learning to compare behavioral patterns in its National TV Panel to the millions of real-time Smart TV viewership data collected via Gracenote’s ACR technology, in order to assign demographics to viewership data.

Media buyers and sellers now have the ability to transact upfront and scatter buys against Nielsen-defined audiences regardless of screen or distribution platform.

On Amobee platform, advertisers can plan and forecast campaigns across Connected TV, linear TV, mobile and desktop, measure the audience exposure during a campaign, optimize the targeting and cross-channel allocation, and access pacing and reporting across the four screens.

Amobee says that for the first time, ad buyers will be able to use the same analytics across linear TV and connected TV exposure, giving advertisers the ability to understand the impact of cross-screen buying and optimize campaigns in near real-time against Nielsen demographics for maximum reach and impact.

“Nothing beats the ROI of TV for mass audience reach and driving brand awareness. But as consumers increasingly use video on demand and other streaming services, the industry has struggled to keep up with the fragmentation. Amobee, combined with Nielsen’s trusted, standard TV audiences, are bridging the gap between CTV and linear TV,” said Philip Smolin, Chief Strategy Officer at Amobee. “This is the cross-screen solution the industry has been waiting for, and we’re thrilled to collaborate with Nielsen to bring it to market for the first time for both advertisers and broadcasters.”

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