Amobee launches CTV Allocator

CTV Allocator predicts unique reach of future TV schedules and forecasts incremental CTV reach.

Amobee launches CTV Allocator

Amobee yesterday unveiled CTV Allocator, a new planning tool that forecasts incremental reach to a linear TV schedule across the CTV supply space.

Amobee says CTV Allocator enables buyers to combine negotiated upfront and newfront direct buys with programmatic deals to allocate CTV in a unified plan.

“Amobee’s solution is fine-tuned to optimize media investment against the entire premium CTV audience across all deal types, including the exclusive direct-sold inventory bundled into upfront packages alongside traditional linear TV,” says Jack Bamberger, Chief Commercial Officer at Amobee. “Finally, advertisers can proactively plan and buy to maximize unique reach against a strategic audience, instead of reacting to linear buys as they happen.”

According to Amobee, CTV Allocator offers support for all deal types, from upfront and newfront guaranteed reserved to programmatic private marketplaces (PMPs). Amobee says advertisers can prioritize the execution against their target audience from each supply partner at the desired frequency. It also supports online video (OLV), and video on demand (VOD).

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