AudioGO launches zip-code targeting and offers new users $125 off in their first campaign

AudioGO says the number of advertisers on the platform climbed 70% in the past four months.


AudioGO yesterday announced that it has launched zip-code level targeting among other features. AudioGO is the self-serve audio ad buying service from SiriusXM-owned AdsWizz, that is now publicly available in the US, for all advertisers.

Other features launched in AudioGO are audio ads on Spanish language content, campaign duplication across multiple geographies, and flexibility with payment options.

In February, this year, AudioGo integrated AudioEngage, an audio advertising Network of the Spanish-language media company Entravision.

AudioGO says the number of advertisers on the platform climbed 70% in the past four months, following the rise of audio consumption. AudioGO is offering new users $125 off their first campaign.

“We’re living in a unique time in which people are consuming audio more than ever before,” said Alexis van de Wyer, CEO of AdsWizz. “At the same time, businesses of all sizes are rethinking cost-effective ways to reach growing audiences. AudioGO provides affordable, self-serve access to large publishers for the first time, empowering businesses to reach their audiences through the rich medium of audio.”

According to AudioGO, advertisers can target age, gender, music or talk genres, and location, down to local zip codes. The service provides a professionally produced audio ad in under 24 hours for only $10, and the dashboard provides up-to-the-minute information on both unique listeners and total ad impressions, as well as click-through and listen-through rates.

“I love that I can manage my own campaigns and maximize my small budget with AudioGO,” said Traci Pitman, Design & Creative Services Coordinator at Texarkana College. “We’re a small organization and can’t afford to commit a $5,000 or higher budget to each platform we advertise on, so I’m glad AudioGO gives me a way to add internet radio into our advertising mix at a budget that makes sense for us.”

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