BidSwitch adopts The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution

BidSwitch has adopted The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution, The Trade Desk today announced. The Trade Desk’s unified ID solution improves user match rates across the digital advertising ecosystem.

According to The Trade Desk, supply-side platforms (SSPs) that use BidSwitch can pass on the ID to all of the demand-side platforms (DSPs) who also use BidSwitch. BidSwitch’s unified ID integration enables SSPs using BidSwitch to improve cookie coverage without the need for a direct integration with The Trade Desk.

“BidSwitch has always been committed to supporting identity solutions as the industry evolves,” said Barry Adams, BidSwitch GM. “The Trade Desk’s unified ID represents a solution with significant traction and proven results in increasing match rates between partners. We’re excited to join the group of partners supporting the ID.”

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