Cloudflare starts doing domain registration without fees and markups

Cloudflare this week launched a Registrar. Cloudflare Registrar “will never charge users more than what they pay to the registry for your domain. No markup and no surprise fees,” says Cloudflare.

According to Cloudflare, users don’t know the price they pay to a registry, for the domain registration, a price that is set by the registry. Cloudflare found registrars charging eight times the wholesale price for a domain renewal.

Cloudflare Registrar is rolling out access to Cloudflare Registrar in stages, based on factors like how long users have been a Cloudflare customer. To claim the place in line, and to register a domain without fees and markups, sign up for early access here.

At launch, users will be able to transfer domains that are active in the Cloudflare account.