Comscore unveils Generative AI Search measurement capabilities

Comscore unveils Generative AI Search measurement capabilities

Comscore today announced the launch of its new Generative AI (artificial intelligence) search measurement capabilities. This initiative marks a significant step forward in the evolution of search market analysis, enabling Comscore to track and quantify the growth of AI-powered search queries.

"The introduction of Generative AI search has been a turning point in the development of consumer discovery online and is accelerating enterprise intelligence. Comscore is now measuring AI led search, demonstrating the growth and opportunity we expect to see in this market," said Steve Bagdasarian, Comscore Chief Commercial Officer.

Comscore's enhanced qSearch measurement solution has been meticulously designed to collect and analyze AI-driven search activity since its inception in May 2023. This comprehensive approach ensures that Comscore accurately reflects the true impact of AI search on the overall search market.

Key findings from Comscore's initial data analysis include:

  • Search activity, including generative AI searches, increased by 5% month-over-month (October 2023) within the Core Search universe.
  • Google remains the dominant player in Core Search, holding over 60% of the market share.
  • Microsoft emerged as the most significant mover, gaining 0.7 points in total share (MoM), partially attributed to its Bing Chat generative AI search offering.

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