Delisted CTV Apps: a growing trend with potential consumer and advertiser impact

Delisted CTV Apps: a growing trend with potential consumer and advertiser impact
Delisted CTV Apps

Pixalate this week released its Q1 2024 Delisted CTV Apps Report. This report sheds light on a concerning trend: a significant rise in the number of apps being removed from popular CTV app stores.

CTV refers to internet-connected televisions that allow users to stream content beyond traditional cable or satellite programming. These TVs typically offer app stores similar to smartphones and tablets, allowing users to download and install various applications. These apps can include streaming services like Netflix or Hulu, news channels, fitness programs, and more.

A delisted app is an application that is no longer available for download from a particular app store. This can occur for various reasons, including violations of the app store's policies, lack of user engagement, or inactivity by the developer.

Key Findings of the Pixalate Report

Overall Delisted Apps: The report found that over 17,000 CTV apps have been delisted across major platforms like Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Apple TV, and Samsung Smart TV in the past two years (Q1 2022 - Q1 2024).

Sharp Rise in Q1 2024: Notably, Q1 2024 saw the highest number of app delistings in any quarter over the past two years, with over 8,000 apps being removed.

Roku Leads in Delistings: Roku, a popular CTV platform, witnessed the most significant delistings in Q1 2024 (7,235 apps), nearly matching its total delistings from the previous two years combined. Interestingly, Samsung Smart TV had no app delistings in Q1 2024, continuing a trend observed for the past few quarters.

Potential Issues with Delisted Apps: Pixalate highlights the potential risks associated with delisted apps. While they can no longer be downloaded, they may still be installed on user devices and continue to collect personal information. Additionally, some delisted apps may have contained advertising, raising concerns about the potential for privacy violations and the overall quality of the app ecosystem.

Importance for marketers and advertisers

The rising trend of delisted CTV apps presents a challenge for marketers and advertisers who rely on these platforms to reach target audiences. Here's how this trend can impact them:

Wasted Ad Spend: If ads are served on delisted apps, it represents wasted advertising spend as the target audience cannot download or interact with the app.

Brand Reputation Risks: Associating with apps that violate app store policies or have privacy concerns can negatively impact a brand's reputation.


  • Regular App Monitoring: Marketers and advertisers should regularly monitor the status of CTV apps they plan to advertise on. Resources like Pixalate's report can be helpful in identifying delisted apps.
  • Targeting Strategies: Consider employing more sophisticated targeting strategies that go beyond just the app itself. Look for data points that indicate user engagement and app quality.
  • Focus on User Experience: Ultimately, consumers are most receptive to advertising within a healthy app ecosystem that prioritizes user privacy and a positive user experience.

By staying informed about delisted apps and implementing appropriate targeting strategies, marketers and advertisers can navigate the evolving CTV landscape and ensure their advertising efforts reach the right audience effectively.

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