Deutsche Telekom to launch a smart speaker for 49.99 euros

Deutsche Telekom to launch a smart speaker for 49.99 euros
Deutsche Telekom smart speaker

Deutsche Telekom today announced the launch of a new Smart Speaker, that comes with Deutsche Telekom’s new voice assistant, and also with Amazon’s Alexa, as second voice assistant.

Deutsche Telekom’s new Smart Speaker is Mini, and costs 1.95 euros per month or users can buy it for 49.99 euros. The Smart Speaker Mini will be available from June 22.

Last year Deutsche Telekom launched a bigger version called Family. The bigger version has a cost of 149.99 euros or 4.95 euros per month.

Deutsche Telekom’s Smart Speaker

Deutsche Telekom says users can listen radio, select their favorite music using Spotify Connect or hear the news and weather. Users can also control the TV via voice, like select their favorite series, switch channel or adjust the volume.

Deutsche Telekom plans to use data privacy as a USP (unique selling proposition). Deutsche Telekom states that the Magenta voice assistant guarantees data security according to European guidelines and offers the highest level of data security. Data is processed exclusively within the European Union and in compliance with the data protection standards followed by Deutsche Telekom.

Apple launched HomePod 2 years ago in Germany, a market that is lagging 4 years behind the USA in the digital audio market.

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