Disney+ gears up for Ads in Latin America

Disney's Audience Graph, Clean Room Tech, and BridgeID Debut in First Region Outside US.

Disney+ gears up for Ads in Latin America

Ahead of the ad-supported Disney+ launch in Latin America, Disney announced today an expansion of its audience solutions. This marks the first time Disney's Audience Graph BridgeID will be available outside the United States.

Disney's Audience Graph is a data management platform that creates a comprehensive view of Disney's audience across its various properties. This includes content consumption habits, demographics, and purchase behavior, all anonymized. The clean room technology allows advertisers to securely combine their own first-party data with Disney's anonymized audience data. This facilitates targeted advertising campaigns without compromising user privacy.

Disney’s BridgeID serves as a key component in this ecosystem. It acts as a digital key that bridges the gap between Disney's Audience Graph and the advertiser's data. This allows advertisers to activate their preferred audiences within Disney's platform for targeted campaign delivery.

Partnership with Mercado Libre

Disney Advertising has also partnered with Mercado Libre (MELI), a leading e-commerce and digital banking platform in Latin America. This collaboration has two key aspects:

Mercado Libre will include the ad-supported Disney+ tier within its MELI+ loyalty program across Argentina, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, and Colombia. This expands the reach of Disney+ and provides Mercado Libre users with an additional subscription option.

MELI and Mercado Ads will directly integrate with Disney's Real Time Ad Exchange (DRAX). This integration allows advertisers to access high-quality, brand-safe streaming inventory on Disney+ and reach unified audiences across the platform. Additionally, advertisers can leverage their first-party data from Mercado Libre's platform for more targeted advertising within Disney+. This direct connection is facilitated by BridgeID, which enables advertisers to activate their audiences based on Disney's data and insights while prioritizing user privacy.

Disney and Mercado Libre highlight the benefits of this partnership for all parties involved. Disney gains access to a wider audience base in Latin America through Mercado Libre's user base and loyalty program. Advertisers benefit from more precise and performance-driven advertising opportunities with access to high-quality inventory and the ability to leverage their own data for targeting. Finally, Mercado Libre expands its advertising offerings by providing access to Disney's content and audience solutions, potentially enhancing their retail media offerings.

The launch of Disney's audience solutions and the partnership with Mercado Libre signal a potential shift in the advertising landscape for Latin America. This move suggests a growing focus on data-driven advertising with a focus on privacy. The success of this approach will depend on advertiser adoption, the effectiveness of Disney's clean room technology, and ongoing innovation within the advertising industry. It remains to be seen how this approach compares to existing solutions offered by competitors.

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