Display & Video 360 has DCO (data-driven creatives) since July

With the transition from Doubleclick Bid Manager to Display & Video 360 (Google Marketing Platform), Google introduced new creative updates. The rebrand happened in July, and advertisers using Display & Video 360 have now a new Format Gallery, and they can build and edit ads via Ad Canvas, a visual editor. In DV360, advertisers can also personalize the messages in data-driven creatives, and bulk tag wrapping is now available for video creatives.

Ad Canvas have available pre-built data-driven formats. In the editor Ad Canvas, advertisers can make creative variants of the creatives and create dynamic rules with audience lists, location, schedule (time). It’s a simple DCO available in Display & Video 360.

On reporting, DV360 has available new dimensions – Variant ID; Variant Name; Variant Version.