Google introduces new features in Data Studio bringing data to non-technical marketers

Google created a new Google Marketing Platform Report Gallery on Google Data Studio. Mary Pishny, product manager – Google Optimize at Google, and David Oleson, product manager – Data Studio at Google did this week the announcement.

Google Marketing Platform Report Gallery has a series of report templates that help advertisers to create consolidated reports using data from any of the Google Marketing Platform’s products. Advertisers can use a report template and customize it to capture what they need. Google says this new feature was designed to help businesses avoid inefficiencies that can come from collecting data, and lets them get actionable insights quickly to share with their teams.

The new features of Google Data Studio bring the data that are usually only accessible to technical marketeers to non-technical marketers.

In addition to the templates, Google introduced two features in Data Studio: Explorer and Data Blending. Explorer, using the Data Studio’s one-click integration with BigQuery, eliminates the time-consuming work of combing through large amounts of data. Data Blending allows advertisers to see the data in a single visualization. Google says that soon, advertisers will also be able to add additional fields to create new calculations from the blended data.

Data Blending on Google Data Studio
Explorer Google Data Studio