DV360 expands measurement options for Instant Reserve Masthead Deals

DV360 expands measurement options for Instant Reserve Masthead Deals
YouTube Masthead Ads

Google's DV360 DSP this month added functionality that provides advertisers with more in-depth insights for their Instant Reserve YouTube Masthead campaigns. The update introduces support for third-party reach and viewability measurement, giving marketers a broader range of metrics to evaluate campaign performance.

YouTube Masthead ads are highly visible, video-based ads that occupy the top of the YouTube Home feed, guaranteeing maximum exposure on desktop, mobile, and TV screens. YouTube Masthead ads are primarily used to drive widespread awareness and boost brand impact, especially for major product launches or campaigns. Masthead ads are typically booked on a cost-per-impression or cost-per-hour basis and carry a premium price tag due to their reach and prominence.

Previously, Instant Reserve YouTube Masthead deals only offered third-party Brand Lift measurement. This February 2024 update significantly expands data tracking capabilities. Advertisers can now leverage the following:

  • Viewability Measurement:
    • Moat
    • DoubleVerify
    • Integral Ad Science (IAS)
  • Reach Measurement
    • Nielsen
    • Comscore
    • Kantar
    • Gemius
    • Video Research
    • iSpot.tv
    • VideoAmp

Viewability Measurement:

    • Kantar
    • Dynata
    • Intage

The wider selection of measurement vendors and metrics empowers advertisers to make data-driven optimizations to their YouTube Masthead campaigns. By tracking viewability and reach, alongside brand lift studies, marketers gain a more holistic understanding of how their ads are performing.

To take advantage of these new measurement options, advertisers should contact their preferred third-party measurement vendor.

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