DV360 launches Structured Data Files (SDF) v7

DV360 launches Structured Data Files (SDF) v7

Google this week announced the general availability of Structured Data Files (SDF) v7, a new version of its file format for uploading and downloading data to and from Display & Video 360.

SDF v7 is designed to be easier to use and more flexible than previous versions, and it includes support for newer Display & Video 360 features.

Key changes in SDF v7

  • Updated IDs used by a number of columns in Insertion Order, Line Item, and Media Product file types to align with either the Display & Video 360 interface or API.
  • Updated descriptions of a number of other columns across most file types to remove reference to Entity Read Files and recommend other means of ID lookup.
  • Added support for YouTube Target Frequency line item configurations with two new Line Item file columns.
  • Added support for Ad Group Optimized Targeting configurations with a new YouTube Ad Group file column.

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