DV360 starts enforcing the app-ads.txt

Display & Video 360 started enforcing the IAB app-ads.txt standard and stop buying unauthorized app inventory as identified by app-ads.txt files.

Google’s DSP is now buying by default only Authorized Direct Sellers and Resellers, but this new targeting only applies to web inventory. According to Google, Display & Video 360 will continue to bid on app inventory that doesn’t have an associated app-ads.txt file.

For app inventory with an associated app-ads.txt file, Display & Video 360 will stop bidding if the publisher ID isn’t declared in the file.

Google recently introduced new reporting dimensions in DV360 related with Ads.txt. Advertisers can now see if the inventory bought was via Authorized Direct Seller, Authorized Reseller, Ineligible, and Non-Participating Publishers.

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