Ecosia not participating in the auction in Android to become the search engine by default

Ecosia yesterday announced that will not run on the search engine provider auction in Android. Christian Kroll, CEO and founder of Ecosia, wrote yesterday that Ecosia is “calling on Google to cease damaging, monopolistic behavior.”

Ecosia is a company based in Berlin, Germany, that uses Microsoft as a search engine. Ecosia earns money from clicks on the ads in the search results, and in affiliation links. Ecosia uses profits to finance new trees.

Christian said “Ecosia will not be taking part in Google’s revenue-making auction,“ and that “Android users deserve the option to freely choose their search engine, and that choice should not be auctioned off to the highest bidder. Google has chosen to give discrimination in a different form and make everyone else but themselves pay, which isn’t something we can accept. “

Ecosia said it will discuss the options with the EU Commission, which forced Google to implement an option to allow users to choose the search engine on Android. Google first announced the results will be random, but after, it has created an auction where the search engine providers can auction to appear in the first positions.

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