Emojis are increasing the open rates in push notifications and emails

Emails with emojis are having a +66% increase in open rates. Push notifications with emojis enjoy an uplift of +254% increase in open rates, according to a study from Leanplum, based on 300 million mobile message deliveries (email + push notifications).

On the study, Leanplum says that the average number of emojis used per message and the percentage of messages including at least one emoji both doubled in the past year. Publishers and advertisers are using emojis more often, and according to Leanplum, they are right on doing it. New data shows a correlation between emoji usage and a decrease in app uninstalls.

From 2017 to 2018, the average number of emojis used per message doubled from 1.22 to 2.23. The percentage of messages using at least one emoji also doubled, rising from 15% to nearly 30%.

Most used emojis are the ones that convey wealth, excitement, or surprise. The least used emojis are associated with alarm, sadness, and disapproval.

Benchmark for Open Rates

The benchmark for open rates on email without emojis was around 10%, and with emojis was 16%. On Push Notifications, the open rate benchmark without emojis was 3% and with emojis was about 11%.