Facebook Ads Manager for excel

In Facebook Ads Manager, advertisers can use Excel, by exporting the ad performance data from Ads Manager or from the Office Store. Facebook Ads Manager for Excel is compatible with Excel 2016 on Windows and Mac or Excel Online.

With Facebook Ads Messenger for Excel advertisers can download performance data from ad accounts; report on the performance of campaigns, ad sets, or ads and see breakdowns by demographics, actions taken on ads, or time; filter data based on date ranges, delivery status, ad objectives, placements; create a single report to download ad performance data from multiple ad accounts; create and save custom templates; use one of the pre-set templates to get started; refresh the data in reports as often as you need to, whether that’s once a week or every 15 minutes; take the ad performance data and create a specifc analysis using Excel’s pivot tables or other tools.

Facebook Ads Manager for Excel only works with Excel 2016 or above.