Facebook Ads Manager

Facebook Ads Manager is a tool where advertisers can create and manage Facebook ads. Advertisers can edit, delete, pause or resume ads, set up Facebook ad campaigns, create new ad sets, and ads, manage Facebook ad bids, target different audiences, optimize ad campaigns, keep track of campaigns’ performance and reports, A/B test ad campaigns.

On the edit, users can Turn an ad on or off, edit campaigns, ad sets or ads, make quick edits to campaigns, ad sets and ads in Power Editor, duplicate an ad, delete an ad, rename a campaign, ad set or ad, change an ad set audience o change the schedule in an ad set.

On the manage, advertisers can schedule an ad set, manage bid strategies, choose placements for an ad, customize image and video ads on Facebook, Instagram and Audience Network, kee campaign, ad set or ad status, view Facebook ad account history, view and analyze ad account’s performance and filter data from results.

Facebook Ads Manager is the “ad campaign command center” where users can create and run ads, target ads to the people, set budgets, see how ads are performing, see the billing summary, payment history, and payment method.