Facebook Pixel & GDPR: Advertisers and publishers need to ask consent

Facebook is actively providing more documentation about GDPR, after gathering hundreds of employees with the mission to comply with the European legislation. One of the updates is that advertisers and publishers will need to ask consent to users before “storing” and “access” any data on the “end user´s device.”

In a FAQ section, Facebook says that according to their terms “companies implementing Facebook tools must comply with applicable laws when they use Facebook tools.” That means “for companies operating in the EU, this includes obtaining prior informed consent for the storing and access of cookies or other information on the end user’s device.”

The GDPR affects all companies worldwide, when the data are from users in European Union, but on the FAQ section, Facebook specifically says: “companies operating in the EU.”

Google sees differently the GDPR compliance, and Google products used on any site or app, need to have consent from all end users in the European Economic Area.

Facebook is giving more support to publishers and advertisers with a Consent Guide.

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