Foursquare will enter in the data business?

In a report from Digiday, seems that Foursquare is now interested in enter on the data business. Foursquare has a database of 105 million places, 85 million of commercial venues and 50 millions users using Swarm, the check-in gamification app.

Rosenblatt, president of Foursquare, told Digiday that everytime a user do a check-in on Swarm, Foursquare “captures all the sensors like the Wi-Fi, the Bluetooth and the beacons.”

This can result in a data product with value for other tech companies, that need geo information, like Uber, Facebook or even Google.

A similar business is done by Factual, that as the slogan of “making local data accessible”. Factual provides geo data to companies like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Appnexus, AOL, Adelphic and Uber so they can improve their services.

Foursquare has around 200 full-time employees, and hired 40 persons in 2016. The last round of funding happened in 2013, raised 45 million dollars at the time.