FreeWheel sees record spending in Strata Platform’s ePort platform

FreeWheel says Strata Platform’s ePort platform broke the spend records in orders sent to local broadcasters and rep firms last month.

FreeWheel sees record spending in Strata Platform’s ePort platform

FreeWheel today told it saw spend records in orders from agencies using Strata Platform’s ePort platform. Agencies use Strata Platform’s ePort platform to buy TV ads.

FreeWheel states this is the first time in ePort’s 13-year history that it has processed such a large scale of orders in a single month.

In September, over 500 different agencies sent orders for local TV advertising through the ePort system. FreeWheel says political advertisers made up a portion of the increased spend in ePort in September, but over half of the activity was among non-Political advertisers.

“Since early spring, proprietary FreeWheel data has shown record increases in viewership, including a 32% growth in ad views. However, advertising budgets were in decline as brands and agencies struggled with the pandemic,” said Michael McHugh, Vice President, Media eBusiness at FreeWheel. “Our latest data is a clear sign that these trends are reversing – and local advertising is coming back into balance. Consumers are increasingly turning to local programming to find out what’s happening in their communities, and the advertisers are following.”

In FreeWheel’s Strata platform, agencies plan, activate, optimize, and manage billing and financials across media types.

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