Google Ads expands online lottery advertising in Poland

Google Ads expands online lottery advertising in Poland

Google Ads this week announced an update to its Gambling and games policy specific to Poland. This update, effective May 20, 2024, allows advertising for online lotteries operated by entities licensed by the Polish Finance Ministry.

Online gambling regulations vary significantly across countries. Some countries have strict prohibitions on all forms of online gambling, while others have established regulations and licensing frameworks for specific types of online gambling activities, such as online casinos or sports betting.

Previously, Google Ads in Poland did not allow advertising for any form of online gambling. The updated policy now permits advertising for online lotteries and numeric games, provided the lottery operator is licensed by the Polish Finance Ministry. This change aligns Google's advertising policies with the regulatory landscape in Poland.

Advertisers seeking to promote online lotteries in Poland through Google Ads must comply with several requirements:

  • Government Licensing: The advertised online lottery must be operated by an entity that holds a valid license from the Polish Finance Ministry.
  • Google Ads Certification: Advertisers must be certified with Google Ads to promote online gambling content. This certification process verifies advertiser identity, compliance with advertising regulations, and adherence to Google's advertising policies.

Impact on marketers and consumers

This update to Google Ads policy in Poland could have several potential impacts:

  • Increased Competition: The entry of licensed online lotteries into the advertising space could lead to increased competition within the online gambling advertising market in Poland.
  • Consumer Awareness: The presence of online lottery advertising may raise consumer awareness of these gambling options. It's important for consumers to gamble responsibly and be aware of the potential risks associated with gambling activities.
  • Regulatory Considerations: Marketers advertising online lotteries in Poland should ensure they are familiar with and comply with all applicable regulations set forth by the Polish Finance Ministry and Google Ads policies.

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