Google Ads Scripts upgrade set for April

Google Ads Scripts upgrade set for April
Google Ads

Google Ads this week announced an upcoming update to its Scripts platform, scheduled for April 2024. This update will transition scripts to version 15 of the Google Ads API, unlocking access to advanced functionalities while introducing some breaking changes.

The switch to API v15 brings Google Ads Scripts in line with the latest developments in the platform. This opens up opportunities for developers to leverage new features like dynamic text asset generation and performance max campaign URL filtering.

Important Updates to Note:

While the move to v15 offers benefits, it also necessitates some changes that may impact existing scripts. Here are the key points to remember:

  • Media Deprecation: The AdsApp.adMedia() method will no longer function, as the concept of "media" has been replaced by "assets." Scripts relying on this method will need to be updated to utilize assets instead.
  • Image Handling Adjustments: Methods like ResponsiveDisplayAd.getImage() and ImageAd.getImage() will now return assets instead of media objects. This requires adjustments in scripts that handle image data directly.
  • Default Reporting Bump: The default reporting version will automatically shift to v15 unless manually specified. This might influence how your scripts interpret and process data.

Get Prepared for the Transition:

  • Review your scripts: Check for instances of functions like AdsApp.adMedia()ResponsiveDisplayAd.getImage(), and ImageAd.getImage(). Update them to leverage the new asset-based system.
  • Test thoroughly: Before deploying the updated scripts, conduct rigorous testing to ensure they function as expected under the new API version.

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