Google Ads to require certified Click Trackers

Google Ads to require certified Click Trackers
Google Ads

Google this week announced it will begin fully enforcing its requirement for advertisers using click trackers to use certified click trackers. This requirement will be rolled out over the next 12 to 18 months, and will be applied to all advertisers using click trackers for the first time after September 11, 2023.

The timing of the application of this requirement will be based on an advertiser's tenure, policy compliance history, and account activity.

According to Google, some click trackers can be used to engage in fraudulent activities, such as click spam and invalid clicks. Google's requirement for certified click trackers helps protect users from these fraudulent activities.

To set up a click tracker in Google Ads, advertisers will need to add the next hop URL to the redirect parameter in the tracking template field. The specific format of the parameter(s) may be different for different click tracker providers. Google says advertisers should work with their click tracker provider to ensure the right format is used.

Google also announced that it is now accepting applications for its click tracker certification program. Click tracker service providers who meet the requirements highlighted in the guidelines for the certification program may apply for certification. When certified, advertisers will be allowed to run ads using the certified click tracker.

Advertisers who are currently using non-certified click trackers should contact their click tracker provider to discuss the certification process. Advertisers who do not switch to a certified click tracker before the requirement is applied to their account may have their ads disapproved.

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