Google Analytics expands Traffic Source Data with Manual Dimensions

Google Analytics expands Traffic Source Data with Manual Dimensions
Google Analytics

Google Analytics yesterday introduced 8 new platform-agnostic traffic source dimensions, offering granular insights into user behavior across paid and organic campaigns, regardless of media source.

These dimensions are available in user-scoped, session-scoped, and event-scoped variations, enhancing cross-channel analysis capabilities.

Key additions

  • Manual source: Identifies the originating platform (e.g., "google," "") based on manually assigned values in UTM parameters.
  • Manual medium: Categorizes traffic type (e.g., "organic," "cpc") through manual UTM parameter inputs.
  • Manual source / medium: Combines source and medium for concise analysis.
  • Manual campaign name: Reflects designated campaign names assigned manually.
  • Manual campaign ID: Offers unique campaign identifiers for tracking specific initiatives.
  • Manual term: Captures keywords associated with manual campaigns.
  • Manual content: Identifies specific ad elements within campaigns (e.g., call-to-action text).
  • Manual source platform: Categorizes traffic by initial platform (e.g., "web," "android").

Data Population

  • Website traffic leverages UTM parameter values in click URLs.
  • Mobile app data utilizes new UTM values within the campaign_details event (FirebaseAnalytics.Param.CAMPAIGN_IDFirebaseAnalytics.Param.SOURCE_PLATFORM).

Accessing Insights

  • Cross-channel analysis: Combine these dimensions with existing data for comprehensive campaign performance assessment.
  • Explorations and segments: Leverage dimensions for granular user behavior analysis within specific segments or explorations.
  • Audiences: Create targeted audiences based on manual traffic source characteristics.

Manual Report

  • A dedicated “Manual” report is now available within the Acquisition overview of the Life cycle collection.
  • Access it by clicking "View Manual campaigns."

This update empowers marketing professionals with deeper insights into user acquisition and campaign performance across various platforms and channels. By leveraging these new dimensions, marketers can optimize campaigns, refine audience targeting, and gain a more comprehensive understanding of user behavior throughout the customer journey.

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