Google Analytics makes Data Integration easier with New Recommendations

Google Analytics makes Data Integration easier with New Recommendations
New Recommendations in Google Analytics

Google Analytics this week announced a new feature designed to help users leverage their data more effectively through personalized recommendations. This update surfaces tailored suggestions within the platform, guiding users to unlock valuable insights and functionalities.

"Recommendations" appear prominently on the Google Analytics homepage and contextually throughout the platform, ensuring easy access. These suggestions are generated based on individual property history, settings, and industry trends. Regardless of whether your property is newly launched or established, relevant recommendations will surface over time.

Google Analytics might suggest the following to help you maximize your data potential:

  • Create targeted audiences: Build predictive audiences (like churn-prone users) for remarketing or optimized bidding in Google Ads campaigns.
  • Boost your business with Google Ads credit: New Google Ads users receive a one-time credit to reach more customers using their Analytics data.
  • Import conversions to Google Ads: Link your Google Ads account to seamlessly import web and app conversions for improved bid optimization.
  • Stay connected with the mobile app: Monitor your business, build custom reports, and take action on-the-go with the Google Analytics mobile app.
  • Link key accounts: Unlock deeper insights by linking Google Ads, Play Console, or Search Console accounts for expanded data access and reporting capabilities.
  • Reconfigure consent mode: Ensure comprehensive reporting even with consent mode activated by unblocking cookieless pings, enabling behavioral modeling for a holistic view.
  • Sign up for Merchant Center: Expand your reach by showcasing products on Google Search, Maps, YouTube, and other platforms.

Dismissing and Understanding Recommendations

Once users complete a recommended action, it disappears from the feed. Users can also dismiss suggestions they don't plan to pursue. If a recommendation becomes unavailable, it could be due to application, reduced benefit, dismissal, or simply being outdated.

This update simplifies data integration and analysis within Google Analytics, empowering users to gain deeper insights and optimize their digital strategies effectively.

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