Google announces updates to India Election Ads Policy

Google announces updates to India Election Ads Policy
India Election

Google this week announced changes to its India Election ads policy. The updates are designed to ensure continued transparency and integrity within the political advertising landscape ahead of upcoming elections in India.

The updated India Election ads policy will go into effect in March 2024.

Key Changes:

  • Exemption Letter: Advertisers who qualify for an exemption from the Election Commission of India (ECI) pre-certificate requirement will now need to submit an official letter. This letter must be on government, commercial, or Public Service Undertaking (PSU) letterhead and include a stamp and signature from an authorized representative.
  • Advertiser Verification: All advertisers seeking to run political ads in India will continue to require Google's verification process. This step ensures the authenticity of advertisers and promotes transparency.

Why These Changes Matter

Google is committed to providing a platform where political discourse can flourish while maintaining safeguards against misinformation and abuse. These updates aim to streamline the political advertising process for qualifying organizations and further enhance the integrity of election-related advertising on the platform.

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