Google creates a Cookbook and made available a Sample Dataset for BigQuery

Google created a cookbook for BigQuery and a made available a sample dataset to help self-learners discover big data. The sample dataset contains marketing and e-commerce data from Google Analytics on Google Merchandise Store, and allows advertisers, analysts, developers, to deep dive and learn how to use BigQuery. The same data is available on Google Analytics, via the Demo Account.

The BigQuery cookbook contains “examples of how to construct queries of the Analytics data export to BigQuery.” Using the sample data, combined with the cookbook, users can explore the big data. According to Google, this is a way that everyone can experience big data analytics.

For the self-learners, Deepak Aujla, Program Manager at Google Analytics Solutions, advise these questions:

  • What is the average number of transactions per purchaser?
  • What is the percentage of stock sold per product?
  • What is the average bounce rate per marketing channel segmented by purchasers?
  • What are the products purchased by customers who previously purchased a particular product?
  • What is the average number of user interactions before a purchase?