Google introduces Notes in search results

Google this month launched a new experiment in Search Labs called Notes, enabling users to share tips and insights about articles and topics right on Search.


Google this month launched a new experiment in Search Labs called Notes, enabling users to share tips and insights about articles and topics right on Search.

According to Google, Notes is designed to work hand-in-hand with content on the web, adding a new layer of human insights to search results.

In this new experiment, users can get helpful context about a web page so they can better identify information that might be most useful for them. They can also share their expertise with the world.

Notes might help users uncover tips about neighborhoods in an article about a new city, or how to tone down the spice level on a recipe.

Users can create a note with text, stickers, and photos, and they can pick from different visual styles to make it feel like their own.

Google says Notes relies heavily on the protections developed over decades of bringing users reliable, helpful information on Search.

A combination of algorithmic protections and human moderation is used to make sure notes are as safe, helpful, and relevant as possible, and to protect against harmful or abusive content.

Google says also it will find ways, in the months ahead, to provide site owners insights into notes on their content.

Notes is available in Search Labs in the Google app (Android and iOS) in English in the U.S. and Hindi and English in India.

Google Search Community Guidelines for Notes and Profiles

Google has released a new set of Community Guidelines for notes and profiles on Search. These guidelines are designed to help protect Google Search users and apply to everyone with a Search profile. They govern the content of Search profiles, as well as the notes that people create who are participating in Google's Search Labs experiment.

The Community Guidelines apply to all user-generated content in notes and profiles, such as text, images, and external links in the profile.

Content that is not allowed includes child sexual abuse imagery or exploitation material, consensus-based topics, deceptive practices, fake engagement, dangerous content, harassing content, hateful content, highly personal information, manipulated media, offensive content, policy circumvention, regulated goods, sexually explicit content, spam, violent extremist content, violent & gory content, and vulgar language & profanity.

In addition to these Community Guidelines, all notes and profiles must follow the Google Terms of Service and Google may remove notes if they don’t follow local laws and regulations.

Google uses a combination of machine-learning algorithms and human reviewers to detect content that doesn’t meet the Community Guidelines.

If a content has been removed, or a profile or other features were restricted, users will be notified about any violations and have the opportunity to appeal.

Users can report content that they believe doesn't meet the Community Guidelines or breaks the law.

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