Google launches new local catalog ads on mobile

Google is rolling out new local catalog ads on Display by the end of the month. The announcement was done at SMX, this week. Local catalog ads are designed to help shoppers discover what a merchant sell.
With the local catalog ads, advertisers can show an image, price, name and availability of inventory.

Google says that Boulanger, in France, had a special promotional event for Spring 2018, so it turned to local catalog ads to boost its sales. Boulanger showcased a lifestyle image, a message welcoming the season and products, curated for local in-store promotion. With help from both click-based and impression-based store visits, the campaign drove over 20K visits to its stores, delivering a return of 42 times its investment on ad spend.
Local inventory ads are available in Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, Japan, UK, and US.