Google updates political content policy for Brazil in May 2024

Google updates political content policy for Brazil in May 2024

Google this week announced an update to its Political Content Policy, effective May 2024, that will introduce restrictions on political advertising in Brazil.

The update aligns with TSE Resolution 23,732/2024 issued by Brazil's Superior Electoral Court (TSE). This resolution regulates political and electoral content online. According to the update, the following types of content will be prohibited on Google platforms in Brazil:

  • Advertisements promoting elections or political candidates
  • Content related to political parties, federations, or coalitions
  • Ads for elected positions
  • Promotion of government proposals or legislative bills
  • Content concerning the exercise of voting rights or other political rights
  • Material related to the electoral process

Advertisers who have already completed verification for Brazil election ads will be automatically transitioned into Google's advertiser verification program. Previously displayed Brazil election ads within the Google Ads Transparency Center will remain publicly accessible.

Impact on marketers

Marketers working on political campaigns in Brazil should be aware of these upcoming restrictions and ensure their advertising activities comply with TSE regulations. Google's Help Center provides further details on the Political Content Policy and the advertiser verification process.

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