Google updates Search Quality Rater Guidelines to enhance user experience

Google updates Search Quality Rater Guidelines to enhance user experience

Google has announced an update to its Search Quality Rater Guidelines, effective November 16, 2023. The updated guidelines aim to simplify the evaluation process for search raters and provide clearer guidance for assessing the quality of web pages.

Key changes in the updated guidelines include:

  • Simplified Needs Met scale definitions: The definitions for the Needs Met scale, which measures how well a web page satisfies a user's search intent, have been simplified to make them easier to understand and apply.
  • More guidance for different types of web pages: The guidelines now provide more specific guidance for rating different types of web pages, such as forums, discussion boards, and short-form video content.
  • Modernized examples: The guidelines have been updated with more modern examples to reflect the evolving nature of web content.
  • Expanded rating guidance for forum and discussion pages: The guidelines now provide more detailed guidance for rating forum and discussion pages, particularly in situations where the discussions are either brand new or drifting into "combative," "misleading," or "spammy content."

Google emphasizes that these updates do not introduce any major or foundational shifts in its guidelines. The primary goal is to simplify and modernize the guidelines to ensure that search raters have the clearest possible understanding of how to evaluate web page quality.

Search Quality Raters play a role in helping Google assess the performance of its search ranking systems. Their feedback helps Google identify and promote high-quality content that provides a positive user experience.

Google Search Quality Raters

Google Search Quality Raters are a team of individuals responsible for evaluating the quality of web pages in Google Search results. They play a crucial role in helping Google ensure that its search results are accurate, relevant, and helpful for users.

Search Quality Raters assess web pages using the Search Quality Rater Guidelines, a comprehensive set of principles that outline Google's expectations for high-quality content. The guidelines cover a wide range of factors, including:

  • E-A-T: Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness
  • Content quality: Accuracy, relevance, completeness, clarity, and engagement
  • Technical factors: Page loading speed, mobile-friendliness, and security
  • Needs Met: How well the page satisfies the user's search intent

Search Quality Raters do not directly influence Google's search rankings. However, their feedback is used to train Google's search algorithms and identify potential issues with the ranking system. Their work helps ensure that Google Search results are consistently high-quality and meet the needs of users.

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