GWI and Nielsen pair their data in the US

GWI and Nielsen yesterday announced a new partnership to bring advanced audience analytics to agencies and advertisers. The Nielsen GWI Fusion pairs rich data from both companies to provide a more complete and accurate picture of target audiences and how they engage with media.

The Nielsen GWI Fusion combines data from Nielsen's currency-grade National TV measurement with GWI USA's national sample of 80,000 annual respondents. This provides users with a deeper understanding of their target audiences, including their media behaviors, attitudes, and values.

The Nielsen GWI Fusion allows users to identify and target their audiences across multiple media platforms. This includes linear TV, digital, social media, and streaming. By reaching their audiences on the right platforms, users can increase reach and engagement.

The Nielsen GWI Fusion includes a library of thousands of pre-built advanced audiences. These audiences are based on a variety of factors, including demographics, interests, behaviors, and attitudes.Users can use these audiences to create more targeted and effective campaigns.

The Nielsen GWI Fusion is available now to all agencies and advertisers.

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