Haokan short videos reach 110 million MAUs

Baidu last week announced that the Chinese website Haokan with short videos reached 110 million Monthly Active Users (MAUs). Baidu’s short video platform Haokan offers a mix of both user-generated and professionally-produced content. Baidu launched Haokan in 2017.

According to Baidu, Haokan’s short videos have accumulated over 3 billion views in 2 years, with users spending an average of 70 minutes per day viewing video content on the app. According to data from third-party research firm QuestMobile, 66 percent of Haokan users spend over 3 minutes on the app.

“With growing demand from Chinese users for more accessible and informative content, the Haokan user base has seen significant growth. Users are becoming more and more interested in quality videos and now prioritize useful and interesting content over eye-catching content. This is becoming the growing trend for the short video market,” said Xiaodong Cao, General Manager of Baidu Haokan.

Baidu says Haokan’s user growth is driven by traffic from peripheral channels, leveraging the advantages of Baidu’s products and services. These channels include Baidu App, Baidu Search, Baidu Knows, Baidu Post, and Xiaodu Smart Display.

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